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The economically named Rain — some Korean polymath, apparently — takes the title role. Mel Gibson takes the Bob Peck role. Saoirse Ronan excels in the lead role. Morgan Freeman who else? You hardly needed to be told that Michael Cera stars. Colin Firth won the best actor price at Venice for his portrayal of a gay professor. The latest remake of the s horror classic has been juggled around the schedules more often than a verruca patient at an emergency ward following a bus crash.

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Benicio Del Toro plays the titular werewolf. Sounds like The Wrestler with slide guitars. If the superb trailer is any guide, the flick could be a classic exercise in chewy melodrama. Hang on.

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Expect good jokes and clever montages. It seems not. Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser star. The plot has something to do with a stolen baseball card. But, along the way, she gets diverted to Wales. It could be okay. Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell are among the offspring. Alicja Bachleda plays the mysterious girl. Stephen Rea and Dervla Kirwan also make appearances.

The increasingly impressive Matt Damon stars as a CIA operative searching for weapons of mass destruction. But can movie-goers overcome their apparent allergy to Iraq movies? James Purefoy essays an Elizabethan puritan who slays occultists in his spare time. The crime drama has already been a huge hit in Europe. Ms Jennifer Lopez is back in the house. The sometime J-Lo stars in a romantic comedy involving artificial insemination.

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  • Why does that name ring a bell? Constructed as a series of largely discrete comic episodes, the picture features Michael Sheen, Naomie Harris and really? Johnny Ball.

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    Run away! Chewy Nicholas Cage and rumbly Ron Perlman star in a drama about witches in plague-ridden medieval Europe. Sounds like an absolute hoot.


    The success of that shouty epic has surely inspired this remake of the film about the myth of Perseus. With typical weirdness, however, he casts different actors — sometimes very different — in the major roles. Whether the film concerns the origins of the universe is not clear. Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen are persuaded to attempt what else? A romantic comedy in which bounty hunter Gerard Butler has to recapture fleeing ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, perhaps?

    This time an obsessive mother is driven to murder. Sally Hawkins is among the cast. Ralph Fiennes is among the throng. Beats me. The voice talent includes Dennis Hopper and Hayden Panettiere. The Way we Were in reverse? Jay Baruchel plays the geeky kid who finds himself hitched to dreamy Alice Eve. Michael Douglas always at his best when evil is back as Gordon Gecko.

    Nothing credit-crunch about that line-up. Robert Downey Jr is back as the squillionaire with the nifty metal suit. This time round his enemies include scary Mickey Rourke. The ubiquitous Miley Cyrus stars as a young pianist angry with divorced dad Greg Kinnear. Vicar St 9pm Special guests include Sarsprilla, and The Vinny Club.

    Special guests include Funzo, Gran Casino, and very special guests it says here from the future, the Bot Heads. The Village 8.


    Tripod 7. Special guests include The Searchers. See Saturday, Kerry. The Academy 9pm Bernard Shaw Noon Adm free Babalonia The Babalonial kings and queens play the sounds of the underground from various downtown tropical dancefloors. Spy 7pm Adm free The! K Club New night out from the!

    His horse, Duke, manages to scare the bear off, but Clint is seriously wounded and comes down with a fever When he comes to, Clint finds himself in the care of a sham No matter where the Gunsmith goes, trouble always seems to find his address. Clint comes to Denver to pay a visit to his old friend, Bat Masterson. Since he's staying at Bat's private club, he figures to relax on this vacation and enjoy the finer thi To the Gunsmith, there's no one more low-down than a rich man who pays other people to do his dirty work.

    Michael Percy. First, he has his own mistress killed. Then, he has a corrupt sheri Taking his usual route from Texas to San Francisco, Clint Adams is shocked to find a new town where there had been nothing but dusty trail. But Glitter Gulch is one boomtown that wasn't built on gold or silver. What Glitter Gulch has -- besides the f Clint Adams has never spent much time in Chicago, but on this trip it didn't take him long to find trouble.

    First, he entered the office of a private investigator to deliver a message and walked into a bloodbath. Then, he got caught in the middle of Clint Adams was lookin' to lay low for a while, waiting for his horse to get healthy. But right after riding into Dawson City, he got bushwhacked -- by Leonard Hollitt. The Gunsmith sent him to his maker, but then discovered It had been ten long years since Apache raiders burned Scott Randolph's ranch and kidnapped his wife.

    Ever since, he'd been looking for her with no luck.

    Star Trek V: revisiting The Final Frontier

    Now Clint Adams is joining the search But finding the kidnapped lady is only half the job Picking up the reins of the wounded Marshal's prison wagon and delivering the three hardcases inside to the distant Huntsville Prison is the next -- and maybe Clint Adams could never turn down a friend in trouble. So when Delores Lake's telegram came, he was on the next train to New Mexico. Delores's husband and son had been shot down in their own ranch house -- and her grandson had been snatched by cold-h Clint Adams paid a visit to the Florida Everglades to see his friend Buddy Braganbut when he got there he saw nothing but trouble ahead.

    Bragan's suspected of selling guns to the Seminole Indians Clint Adams aims to kick back in a sleepy North Dakota town and enjoy some time off. But when you're the Gunsmith, trouble doesn't take vacations Now he's caught in a feud between two horsebreeders. One of them is his old friend, Nelson Fox. Clint Adams is just passing through Benton's Fork when he notices the Carnival Flora setting up camp just outside of town.

    Clint takes a liking to the carnival people -- they seem like decent enough folk. But a strange magician has them all spooked. There's not much one man can do against a dozen outlaws -- unless that one man is the Gunsmith. When Clint Adams runs across a gang of Comancheros ambushing a small wagon train, he heads for cover and sets up a hail of lead that makes the bushwhacker A vicious, murdering gang is blazing its way across the prairie, leaving a bloody trail of corpses in its wake.

    But what really riles Clint Adams is that these desperadoes do their dirty work while calling themselves lawmen. Clint had heard of Dan The Gunsmith isn't much inclined to settle down, so when he finds himself saddled with a building and a business after a high-stakes poker game, he makes tracks for Sheldon. Wyoming, to see just what he's won and figure out what to do with it. Clint Adams stumbled into a camp of sodbusters -- and was greeted with waving gun barrels.

    Clint can only hope the next soil these folks turn isn't for a fresh grave. The settlers beg Clint to join their feud with deep-pockets landgrabber David Pe Clint Adams had heard a lot of tall tales in his day, but he'd never heard anything like the story Rachel Holt told him. After Clint found her brother unconscious in the snow, he decided to help them -- to catch and kill a werewolf! Werewolf or no When Clint Adams brought the corpse of a murdered prospector into Silver City, he thought it was the end of an adventure.

    But now, the victim's beautiful daughter needs him to help claim the cache of Spanish gold her father says he found. After a hard stretch on the trail, Clint Adams decides to settle down for awhile in Butte City, Colorado, where the mountains are pretty and so are the women But this peaceful town has been shaken up by a murderer who strikes during the full mo Robbed of his sight and his family by desperados, Stan Barton swore he'd track down the bushwhackers and make them pay. Clint Adams reluctantly agrees to help the blind ex-lawman follow the trail to Colorado.

    There, in a deserted town taken over by o A bushwhacker ranks just below a rattlesnake in the Gunsmith's eyes. And a bushwhacker who'd let a woman rot in jail for his crime doesn't deserve the ground it takes to bury him in. That's just the kind of low-down varmint Clint Adams finds when Passing through New Mexico, Clint Adams comes across a bushwhacked Texas Ranger whose attackers have left him more dead than alive.

    Once Sgt.