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KATY: So how does sitting on a bike affect pelvic floor health? Most people are concerned with chafing; you can buy pants and lotions for this, but not so concerned with the constant pressure on the pelvic floor. I just saw this for the first time at a male pelvic health presentation about cycling. What is the exact mechanism: is it the pressure, the frequency, the lack of them doing other things, right? And it goes on to affect the pelvic floor.

So the parts of your body are not only the parts that you can list from an anatomy book but also the way that they are used, the forces that they are creating. You end up malnourished in certain mechanical nutrients, and you know, loaded hip extension would be one of them. We have more pelvic floor stuff later.

Spinning is huge — and by spinning I think she means aerobic cycling classes.

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Like, spinning is a brand. KATY: Yeah, but I think that there are — there are cycling classes, aerobics classes that are not called Spinning, so this is just for like, this stationary bike aerobics class. The body parts that are moving a lot in spinning and road biking are the legs, pumping like mad. Can you talk about the cardiovascular benefit of biking and spinning classes, or are there better options?

So is there a cardiovascular benefit? But none of those things speak to the actual function of the cardiovascular system, which is to deliver oxygen to all parts of your body. And the benefits of cardiovascular exercise are local to the parts that are working. You are creating areas with adaptations, and you have areas without.

So if you have the adaptation, like, the measure is not the benefit. Can you hear me? There was a study about — did we talk about this? The grip? Death from all mortality — or I think it was death from all cardiovascular issues, and grip strength.

Shoutout to Eugene Wine Cellars!

So they went around to a load of people and measured all of their grip strength on a hand dynamometer. You grab it, you squeeze it, it shows the strength of your hand. But the variable becomes grip strength. So I buy a hand dynamometer — I buy the test — and I just sit and practice to the test.

I just practiced the hand strength. So this is that same idea kind of with teaching, right? So they work the same day, but they had more movement throughout the day. Not the result of doing that. If you could create a perfect diet for a cyclist, not to put you on the spot or anything —. My brother, who is a smoker, swears that he is undoing his smoking by running. He balances his smoking habit with running. If you are cycling for exercise or if you are cycling for transportation, then try to — like, I have no problem with cycling for transportation.

But pick a different mode of exercise, you know what I mean? There was someone who had kind of an interesting question which was — my partner wants to know, why is cycling so awesome? And basically corrective exercise so boring? Things can be efficient in the short term, but not necessarily in the long term. How far — it takes you like 20 minutes max to cycle ten miles? You would also be getting your walking nutrients.

You could also be making phone calls during that entire time, you could be doing business.

Well, I did them on a 6 mile walk, and guess what? I call my grandma, because I feel like I have to, and walking is a really great way to, you know, touch base with her. And it would actually be better for your body; you would actually be doing many things.

Road Cycling: Why Do You Ride Like That? | CyclingSavvy

So boredom is a mindset. DANI: Right.

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What else? Oh, can I do one more? I see children as old as 2 or 3 on bikes, but I remember getting mine around 5. Does it matter how early they start? Are there developmental changes to wait for in the body while also ensuring that they also have many varied types of movement — at the park, jungle gym, and lots of walking as well. So this is someone — I feel like this person — I feel like you already know the answer to this.

One of the great benefits of cycling is the balance and the motor skill of it all. So we — like, I started riding a bike around 5. When did you ride a bike? KATY: Right. So we got our bike, right?

We got our shiny bike, kind of big for us, but it had these big wheels on it, so the first skill that you learned was pedaling, right? Super easy. So in one way, it makes sense — you do the easy stuff first, and then you start with the harder stuff second. So your feet are on the ground. So they learned balance first, and then pedaling — which is super easy skill — comes in like 15 minutes. He could already balance his strider bike and they would bomb hills — they would use their feet as brakes. There was no falling.

There was nothing. So that would be my recommendation for the ease of cycling. Because you can get more walking in and they can get more pedaling, but i would say try to resist that as much as possible. Let them get the habit of the good stuff and then treat the cycling like dessert, and then enjoy it. Enjoy the heck out of it. This is just about peak bone mass and muscle use and body longevity and optimal biological functions, right? All right, I have one more question — one more question for you.

“Biking in the middle of the lane sure looks dangerous.”

So hula hooping? Is that a junk food? My favorite junk food movement is running stairs.

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Running stairs or the step mill, like at the gym? I love going up hill, which makes so much sense if you know me. I love running stairs, I love running stadium stairs. That is my favorite junk food movement, totally. And I love it! DANI: No matter how long the two ladies go on and on and on and on like we have today. KATY: So not everyone is really interested in optimizing biological function. This information helps. But yeah, so micronutrients are corrective exercises.

I forgot to say this. And just keep submitting your questions. We have great questions out there. Clearly, we keep running out of time. We just talk a lot. DANI: And again, thank you everyone for the thoughtful and helpful reviews that you write, because it helps us shape this podcast. KATY: You are how you review.