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It is about strengthening the team to work together in an inclusionary and focused way.

Confidential data gathered from senior leadership and the employees creates a foundational platform for your plan. Tailored instruments for in-person interviews collected from an ample selection of the senior leadership team, plus digital surveys which enable the collection of broad and deep data with an objective of inclusion of your people in the process. The findings gleaned from interviews and surveys should be combined with other internal data to establish an important baseline of information for creation of your strategy.

Internal information is expanded with external data from customers, the overall market, and even from the competition. Organizations usually employ outside advisors to give an independent view and to allow for thoughtful sharing of findings without individual attribution.

Designing and Planning the Workplace for Today's Corporate Culture

This provides a level of impartiality and external credibility that builds confidence in the integrity of the process. Such quantitative and qualitative results mean there is no debate about reality; the data states what the reality is.

Top executives have the information they need to think through issues across the enterprise, and have strategic opportunities come into clearer focus given that they have a comprehensive organizational context. They also have what they need to assess their leadership capability along with an accurate cultural assessment.

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The success of the plan is dependent on leadership and culture, so if areas need strengthening, they are identified and addressed. Successful strategy is founded on your mission, vision, and core values. It means that all participants engage with each other and share honest critical thinking. Everyone at all levels understands that their input matters and their voices will be heard. Openness and inclusion builds the trust that is fundamentally required for a healthy culture.

Culture and Planning for Change and Continuity in Botswana - Feras Hammami,

Furthermore, the organization has an expressed goal to truly function as an integrated team. Through this critical planning process, senior management identifies key strategic elements and initiatives.

This book brings that focus to planning research, examining culture as a socio-historical concept, and introducing a line of scholarship, both established and recent, to show what 'culture' does and why. Illustrated by case studies from planning contexts, it addresses the materialisation of abstract concepts, performance and embodiment, and social categorisation. In doing so, it shows how a deeper understanding of culture can offer new insights into the challenges that planners and planning theorists face.

Courtney Sharpe joins Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture as director of cultural planning

While Culture and Planning is aimed primarily at planning theorists, professionals and students, it has equal relevance for students of human geography or sociology and is accessible to a wider readership. In effect, it opens up the field of planning to a new realm of research, enabling readers to think beyond the bounds of what they know about planning, and to think about what they may, or may not, know about culture.

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Culture and Planning. By Simone Abram.